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CWAO and COVID-19 Worker Rights


We are calling on workers and communities to mobilise for the Working Class Day of Action planned for the 1st of August. All actions must implement the greatest possible social distancing and health measures.

CWAO and Simunye Workers Forum will be demonstrating at the Legislature in Johannesburg CBD at 11am.

Why are we demonstrating?
The ANC government has failed to defend the working class from the Covid-19 crisis. It is now blaming the spread of the disease on the poor and turning to xenophobia to cover its failures. The government never tried to fight the coronavirus. From the beginning it said we must accept that the virus will run through the population – even though other countries had shown that it is possible to stop its spread.

The government knew that it would mostly be black working class and poor people who will die. In the middle of a deadly pandemic, the government sent workers into factories and children and teachers into schools to save the ruling class’s capitalist economy.

The government failed to support workers and communities during the lockdown. The UIF TERS and other social grants have been a failure. Food distribution never happened. Their schemes and promises have only opened up avenues for corruption by the ANC and its supporters, including big business. As a result of the government’s approach, we have seen more and more genderbased violence, xenophobia and police repression. We are also now facing mass retrenchments, dismissals and wage cuts by the bosses.

Organise for 1st August and beyond
We support the call for organisations and communities in every town, village and city to stage demonstrations, marches, pickets, occupations or any other chosen action on the 1st of August to build their immediate struggles. By acting together we will be able to identify the common cause of all our problems – the ANC government and the capitalist system. We hope that the 1st of August will only be the start of further joint mass actions.

CWAO and Simunye will demonstrate at the Gauteng Legislature at 10am

Contact: 072 324 3865 or 072 324 5544

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Day of action


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