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The Simunye Workers Forum unites all workers and fights the bosses!

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About Simunye Workers' Forum

SFW is currently an unregistered trade union.

Any worker can join, including unemployed workers.

The forum brings together mainly labour broker workers, but permanent workers are welcome to join.

The main aim of the SWF is to build workers’ unity against all and any bosses. Wherever you work, whether at a factory, shop or petrol station, you are welcome in the SWF and we will join you in your struggle!

Join the SWF and help build a new weapon for workers!


Workers have a choice.

They can go for a quick solution by building something that will become rotten like the other trade unions and sell out workers.

Or they can build something new, something that will be a weapon in the hands of workers, even if that will take time.


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South Africa women groups pay tribute to Gaza on IWD

South African women's groups celebrated Women's History Month marked from Friday, March 8, International Women's Day, in a sombre mood with a moving nod to the besieged women of Gaza.


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The SWWF Celebrates International Women's Day

This year we mark International Women's Day in the context of a genocide being carried out against Palestinia women in the Gaza Strip by Israel.


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The national minimum wage entrenches Apartheid's cheap Black labour

The 1 March increase in the national minimum wage from R25.42 to R27.45 has been hailed in many quarters, most particularly by Cosatu. This alone should make us suspicious, given the federation's consistently anti-worker politics.


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