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CWAO and COVID-19 Worker Rights

Stop the Spread of Covid 19
Don't Spread Coronavirus

Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus

 CoVID-19 Prevention Pamphlet

Workers Rights During  Lockdown
Worker Rights Under Lockdown

Don’t let the bosses put the lives of workers and our communities in danger! Organise to Fight Corona Virus Now!

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Hold to Your Employees to Account during Lockdown. What is fair treatment to expect from your Employer?

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CWAO Covid 19 Hotline
CWAO Coronavirus Helpline

Contact the CWAO coronavirus helpline
between 6.00 am and 4.00 p.m daily.

Meme - 072 324 3865
Khongelani - 072 350 1481
Thabang - 072 324 5544
Jacob - 072 332 8731
Edgar - 072 324 7464
Joshua - 063 818 2868

You can also contact us by e-mail at

Political Opinion
Political Perspectives on Fighting Coronavirus

23 March 2020 | Government Protects Private Hospital Profits as COVID-19 Rages
Written by: Oupa Lehulere, Collective Editor Khanya College

21 March 2020 | Worshipping the Markets while South Africa Burns
Written by: Oupa Lehore, Collective Editor Khanya College

19 March 2020 | Forum News Issue No 9 - Special Edition
Published by: Gauteng Community Healthcare Forum & Khanya College

15 March 2020 | In the eye of the storm: The working class and the struggle against the corona virus

Published by: Khanya College and the Forum

SA Legislation regarding Corona Virus
State Regulations

Compensation for Occupationally-Aquired Novel Corona Virus Disease

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COVID-19 Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme Notice

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Prevention of the Spread of COVI -19 in SA Public Transport

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