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The Simunye Workers Forum unites all workers and fights the bosses!

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About Simunye Workers' Forum

SFW is currently an unregistered trade union.

Any worker can join, including unemployed workers.

The forum brings together mainly labour broker workers, but permanent workers are welcome to join.

The main aim of the SWF is to build workers’ unity against all and any bosses. Wherever you work, whether at a factory, shop or petrol station, you are welcome in the SWF and we will join you in your struggle!

Join the SWF and help build a new weapon for workers!


Workers have a choice.

They can go for a quick solution by building something that will become rotten like the other trade unions and sell out workers.

Or they can build something new, something that will be a weapon in the hands of workers, even if that will take time.


Latest Simunye Workers Forum News

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Simunye Workers' Forum direct action at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)

The SWF has set up a stall outside the Benoni branch of the CCMA. The SWF intends to spend a week outside every CCMA office in Gauteng to support workers who are not being adequately assisted by the CCMA and sometimes even abused by the CCMA.

Category: CCMA

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The CCMA is helping bosses exploit workers

Don't expect justice from the CCMA.
Fight for justice and an end to exploitation.

Category: CCMA

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New report on strike trends in 2023 shows more wildcat strikes than protected strikes; workers striking mainly for permanent jobs and over wage issues

The CWAO released its latest Strike Barometer this morning. The Strike Barometer covers strikes between 1 January and 31 December 2023.

Category: DISPUTES

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