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15 September 2023

Simba lambasted for dismissing 52 temporary workers without valid reasons

The temporary employment service (TES) that provides its employees to snacks company Simba claims that it has not contravened any labour laws pertaining to the recent dismissal of 52 workers who were allegedly notified within nine days of their dismissals.

Category: DISPUTES

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CWAO News Article

08 September 2023

CWAO condemns Simba for cruelly firing 52 workers

The Casual Workers' Advice Office (CWAO) condemns Simba for its ruthless dismissal of 52 workers, with just nine days' notice.

Category: DISPUTES

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15 August 2023

Joint Simunye Workers Forum/Casual Workers' Advice Office Press Statement

The Simunye Workers Forum (SWF) and Casual Workers' Advice Office (CWAO) are heartened that Labour Court judge Andre van Niekerk has dismissed with costs the Registrar of Labour Relations' application for leave to appeal his ruling that the Registrar must register the SWF as a trade union.

Category: SWF / CWAO

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CWAO Strike Barometer

An analysis of South African Strikes Jan-June 2023

The CWAO Strike Barometer gives an indication of strike trends across different sectors and workplaces, as well as the major reasons for striking.

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