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Simunye Workers Forum press statement

Publication: SWF
Author: Press Office

Simunye Workers Forum calls for immediate dismissal of white manager who assaulted a Black worker at Kyron Laboratories.

The Simunye Workers' Forum has been protesting all day outside Kyron Laboratories in Johannesburg after a white manager, a Mr Young, assaulted a Black worker earlier in January.

Simunye Workers' Forum is a progressive workers' movement of members from different companies who organise themselves against unfair labour practices.

The Forum has written a letter to the managers and received no reply. Also, the violent manager has not been suspended or disciplined in any way.

The Forum now demands the immediate dismissal of the 'Mr Young'.

"We are highly disappointed. A Black person suffered a lot under the ruling of the apartheid and still has trauma. In this day and age, companies should not be condoning such barbaric behaviour" said a Simunye Workers' Forum spokesperson outside the company.

Simunye Workers' Forum has given the company until end of day on 31 January 2023 to dismiss the manager, a Mr Young failing which it will mobilise solidarity action against the company from anti-racist, pro-worker fraternal organisations.

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