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Commission for gender equality to launch investigation into allegations of sexual exploitation of vulnerable workers at liquor companies' operations

Publication: Commission for Gender Equality
Author: Press Advisory

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) has noted disturbing allegations of labour brokers demanding sexual favours from vulnerable job seekers in return for job placements at liquor companies Heineken and Distell

This information emerged during the hearing conducted by the Competition Tribunal into the proposed acquisition of Distell by Heineken.

A non-profit organisation representing vulnerable workers told the hearing that supervisors from labour brokers allegedly took advantage of temporary workers at the two companies' operations, by demanding sex for jobs.

The CGE will launch an independent investigation into these allegations to establish the facts and take necessary action against any implicated parties. The CGE is concerned about the prevalence of sexual harassment in South Africa's workplaces as it violates the human dignity of workers and perpetuates gender inequality. It is the duty of employers in both the public and private sectors to ensure maximum protection of the rights of workers through workplace policies and stringent monitoring systems.

The CGE would like to encourage employers to develop sexual harassment policies and implement procedures allowing workers to report sexual misconduct in the workplace. The outcomes of the CGE's investigation and subsequent sanctions will be reported to the implicated parties.

Issued by Commission for Gender Equality
Contact Person: Javu Baloyi (Spokesperson)
Cell: 083 579 3306

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