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Hundreds of workers at Simba to strike from tomorrow

Publication: SWF
Author: SWF Press Office

Over 200 workers at Simba's main plant in Isando and warehouse in Elandsfontein will down tools tomorrow over Simba unlawfully deducting money for the past six years from their wages.

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In 2018, 217 labour broker workers employed at the time by Adcorp Blu, were absorbed as permanent workers by Simba after negotiations between the workers’ committee and the company. The workers had long ceased in law to be casual workers as they had, by that time, worked for several years for Simba.

Part of the agreement settling this dispute (attached) was: “5.1 Free transport arranged and paid for by Simba to and from the pick-up points closest to each employee’s places of residence, and, between 21h00 and 04h00, free transport arranged and paid for by Simba to and from the employees’ homes”.

Workers later discovered that Simba was deducting R16 per day from each worker for the transport, instead of providing it free.

These deductions were not even listed on the pay slip. The workers have been in a long-standing battle to have this money returned and free transport reinstated.

Instead, Simba has now cancelled the transport and offered employees a once-off payment of R30 000 if they agreed to accept this as a full and final settlement in place of the transport backpay and of any future transport.

The workers have rejected this as it amounts to a unilateral change in their conditions of service and a breach of the attached agreement. Some workers who are part of other unions have accepted the R30 000 out of desperation but are aware that this amount does not compensate for the loss of all future transport plus unlawful deductions from their pay for the past six years.

The workers' demand:

• Simba should refund the money that was unlawfully deducted or increase the amount they are offering as a full and final settlement to compensate for the loss of future transport.

• Or Simba should refund the money that was unlawfully deducted from workers and begin supplying free transport as agreed.

For comment, please contact the Workers’ Committee at Simba:
Susan Mamphaga - 067 930 6239
Alvina Maripane - 076 016 8610
Daphney Matshili - 082 6246076
Jeannette Rachuene - 071 7096894
Moronga Moeta - 072 712 4287